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Gracie's   Story

Gracie is in our palliative program diagnosed with life-limiting congestive heart disease and collapsing trachea.  At first, we struggled with wanting her to 'get better'. Now, we embrace Gracie's joy of living a deeply loved ranch life. Yesterday is no more; tomorrow is unknown, but we have today, and this is all that matters.

Gracie is not the 

only dog at our facility with these types of needs. 


We've set up a SPECIAL FUND
to help dogs like Gracie, who more often than we'd
like to admit, are in this type of situation with


Please consider  giving to the
to help more
canines live a quality live today.

300 piece puzzle completed by our founder Rhonda, also Gracie's caregiver.

Pup Cup
Sofa Surfing

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Gracie's 1st Pup Cup It will leave you wanting

your own ice cream on hot summers day!

Gracie decides to do some sofa surfing after

her pup cup treat...ahhh, what a great day!

Sprinting To The Finish Line

Time is not a friend to abandoned, surrendered, and stray old dogs residing in rural Texas shelters and animal control facilities that routinely employ euthanasia as a 'standard operating procedure' to control over-crowding.

Standard holding practices is 4 - 5 days but can be as little as 72 hours if the dog has a 'life-limiting' condition (cancer, congestive heart or kidney disease, et al.).

Living Grace Canine Ranch-Front_Far
Deaf Blind Shelter Life

We are appealing for your help through:

  • Prayer

  • Monetary Assistance

  • In-kind Donations

  • Local business supporters

  • Family Foundations

  • Friends/Family Members Volunteers with trade skills

Courtesy image

Living Grace Canine Ranch is the last hope for unwanted senior canines to not only live but to thrive. Every ranch resident regardless of their condition receives advanced medical or behavioral care.


Time is of the essence. By Christmas Day, our goal is to open the first bunkhouse, welcoming home twenty seniors that previously had no hope.

LGCR has a dedicated professional team to work with corporate sponsorships and their community helping hands initiative.


To our December canine residents, we must say "wait". To our ranch partners, we are shouting "come"!  

Thank You for Your Generosity!

Dog Adoptions in Texas

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