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Holding Love with Empty Arms

Letting Go Without Regrets

What exactly is it that we dread most about euthanasia?  Why is it so devastating to lose a pet?

The companionship of a pet is unlike any other relationship we have. Every emotion a pet has –  joy, fear, anger, sorrow, impatience, or contentment – is pure.

So when it's time to face the prospect of losing that relationship, it's no wonder our perspective becomes clouded by emotions, denial, and commitment as their protectors.

A Time For Everything

There is a time for everything in life – a time to fight the good fight (Palliative) and realize when the battle is over (Hospice). LGCR is honored to serve as the caregivers for end-of-life dogs due to aging, chronic conditions, and terminal illnesses. Our experience is it's almost impossible to know ‘when the perfect time’ is to let go, but we feel it's better to be a little too soon than a little too late. 

Euthanasia is not a battle lost; quite the contrary. It allows us to hold our pets in our arms as they take their last breath, feeling safe and cared for and knowing how much they are loved.  We should be so fortunate.

There is no joy in companionship when pain and suffering is present.  We highly recommend viewing the following resources as an aid to Letting Go Without Regrets.

~ Rhonda Minardi, LGCR Founder/Executive Director

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Letting Go Resources

Knowing When to Move from Palliative Care to Hospice

How To Determine a Dog's Quality of Life

Euthanasia: Preparing Your Heart and Mind

How to Use the Villalobos Quality of Life (QoL) Assessment

How Will I Know When It's Time

Twenty-one Signs a Dog May Be Dying and How to Help

Living with Pet Bereavement

QoL Scale & Calendar

We hope you find these resources beneficial.  At Living Grace Canine Ranch, our nonprofit work focuses on dignity, wellness and life quality of adoption-disadvantaged senior
dogs.  From the moment a senior arrives until their last breath of living a
joy-filled life, we are with them every step of the way.

If you value our community work, we are grateful for your financial support.

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