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Nonprofit Social Responsibilities

Partnering for The Greater Good

Nonprofit Corporate Social Responsibility (NCSR) is a management concept whereby organizations integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and interactions with supporters. It's also about standing for something and acting to make a real difference for the greater good.

“We are fearless to be a bit different, to make bold shades.”

Being environmentally friendly, eco-conscious, and cruelty-free consumers.
Treating employees and volunteers with respect and opportunities to become change agents.

Giving back to the community through programs and activities that elevate and educate.

Having an engaged board that ensures transparency (GuideStar Profile) and ethical business decisions.

At Living Grace Canine Ranch, stewardship begins at home. Our senior residents' home is the sanctuary which encompasses five acres of Hill Country ranchland and over ten thousand square feet of lifestyle amenities. Safety is our #1 priority, so when a colony of honeybees decides to move in, here's what we did to keep life in balance for the greater good.

Bertram, Tx

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