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Celebrating Special Stories of Love & Affection 

  • Rhonda's Inspiration For Living Grace Canine Ranch
    Saying goodbye is never easy, particularly for the elderly and their devoted and loyal pet companions. Since being rescued from a kill shelter in Nebraska, Lucy (a shepherd mix) quickly became my mom's new life partner. Lucy and my mom, (Carmelita) happily remained together until my mom’s debilitating stroke forced Lucy to be re-homed. My mom never forgot about her Lucy and frequently spoke with Mikayla (her granddaughter) for updates. In spite of being a little slower and not as agile, my mom still had her “bucket list” which included things like a hot air balloon ride, among others. This all changed when mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Nothing on the list mattered anymore with the exception of seeing her beloved Lucy one final time. A week after Carmelita was able to reunite with Lucy again and cross that off her bucket list, she passed away. As for Lucy, she lived and was deeply loved by Mikayla's family until she passed years later. Unbeknownst to Rhonda, this was the 'turning point' or epiphany that three years later would manifest as Living Grace Canine Ranch.
  • You Scream, I Scream, But Not For Ice Cream"
    Has it ever secretly crossed your mind that some dogs just aren’t worth the trouble of rescuing? Maybe you’ve thought — is the cost worth it when the dog is showing no signs of recovery? Well, let me introduce you to a miracle-working family that had the right approach for a lost cause dog. Her name is Pretty. This is her face, which is remarkable in itself, because before she found her family, she never looked up, never smiled, and lived day in and day out under a bed. Pretty was taken in as a foster when she was rescued from the euthanasia list at a county animal shelter. For the next year, Pretty lived with the rescuer and most of the time she stayed hidden under a bed. She was terrified of 'feet' and terrified of any kind of human or other dogs touching her. Something as simple as a vet exam, let alone a bath or nail trim, would require heavy sedation. If a hand brushed her fur, she would scream. If a foot came too close, she would scream. And her screams were shrill and heart breaking. A local rescue organization reached out to Living Grace Canine Ranch in hopes we could help with this cruelty-abuse survivor. Since she was not responding to anything other than coming out for food, they needed help. Screaming had become a defensive behavior signaling others to avoid her. The question that needed to be answered upon arrival at the Ranch was if there was a reason for the screaming and hysterics. Was it possible that she was truly in physical pain? After hours of loving care, patience and significant expenditure on imaging and diagnostics, it was confirmed that the physical abuse she repeatedly endured resulted in cervical damage at the base of her neck, which explained why she lacked mobility to turn her head and experienced paid if she tried to raise her head. Many dogs that suffer this type of injury and underuse of neck muscles eventually cannot physically lift their head at all. Two of our fabulous volunteers at Living Grace, Jean and David, were at the Ranch doing various chores when David decided to introduce himself to Pretty. She wouldn’t look at him, but he stayed the course. He spent two hours showing Pretty how to use her doggy door (wish we had video of that!), talking with her, assuring her she was safe. Jean and David went home that night, but when they left, Pretty retreated to her room and seemed to get even more depressed. The next time Jean was at the Ranch, she agreed to take Pretty home. Finally, Jean got Pretty into the truck and there seemed to be a question on who was going to drive…Jean or Pretty. Fortunately for all of those on the roads, Jean won. When Jean got home and introduced Pretty to the other dogs, they were concerned that she wouldn’t handle it well. Witnessing Love As Healing But here’s the magical thing. Within two weeks, Pretty started trotting! When she would see David, she would smile the biggest old black chubby dog smile. She now pals around with the family’s husky dog and will often drag her bed into a doorway to prevent another of the dogs from coming into the room. Trash day is the day all the dogs load into the truck and go with Jean to drop it off. And some days, they all get to go for ice cream. It’s remarkable. The bond between human and canine is truly a miracle and it took the right people and the hidden hope of a sad and hurting pup to make it all work. Paws up to Jean and David and to Pretty and all her canine brothers and sisters who have made it work when it once was hopeless.
  • On The Road Again
    On the road again Just can't wait to get on the road again The life I love is making music with my friends And I can't wait to get on the road again On the road again Goin' places that I've never been Seein' things that I may never see again If you’re a Willie Nelson fan, you’ve probably heard this tune a lot! Well, one family took it to heart. Meet Jim, Dianna and Sara. They are a remarkable family that has shared their time and resources with the canines that need a helping hand. Starting several years ago, the family would regularly plan vacation time around volunteer activities. One year they found themselves at a sanctuary farm where they had a chance to work with cats, rabbits, and dogs, and it was there they met a big beautiful dog named Kadie. Part of the process to help socialize her was to have the host family take her back to their hotel room for a night and spend quality time talking with her, playing, and giving her super-sized love. The next day they took her back to the farm, but she never left their thoughts. A few weeks later, not being able to get Kadie out of their mind, Jim went to get her and then embarked on an 1800 mile journey to get her home. One very large dog, one very small backseat, excessive panting and multiple stops later, Kadie was introduced to her new family. Then there was Molly who was a victim of a backyard breeder. At 7 years old, she was still having puppies. Because she had been kept on concrete in a crate for so long, she was skittish, reluctant, and had lost significant muscle strength. She too found her furever home with this selfless family who took her in and cared for her. Today she gets to share life with Ruby, another happy ending story from the family’s former neighborhood. Many times, the family would volunteer to make long journeys to transport dogs from one location to a new promising situation. On one of those rescue journeys, they tell of the story of the bait dog they picked up and transported while she was very very pregnant. Five car rides and an airplane trip later, they delivered her into the loving arms of kind people. She was able to have her puppies in comfort and care and mom and babies were all saved from a horrible life. With their move to Texas 2 1/2 years ago, the family became familiar with the charter of Living Grace Canine Ranch and knew it was meant for them. Just like their own family “charter,” they rallied around Living Grace’s goal of saving, serving, and valuing the lives of senior canines, no matter the breed, physical, emotional, and medical challenges they might have. Volunteering at Living Grace Canine Ranch means helping with the unglamorous, tedious, smelly tasks, rewarded by dog smiles and wagging tails. Just like in the days of transporting canines from one location to another, it often means little sleep and lots of clean up. Now they also participate in giving baths, folding laundry, cleaning kennels and even on occasion staying overnight to ensure the dogs have human oversight. We want to recognize this wonderful family for their tireless work on behalf of needy canines. And as Jim will tell you, “you can be part of the solution or you can be part of the problem.” Jim, Dianna and Sara have chosen to be part of the solution. Paws up!
  • Porch Babies
    Look at me! Golden, soft coat, big soulful amber eyes. I know I’m beautiful because my mom, Lyn, tells me all the time. But my life started pretty rough! My siblings and I were born under a porch. Our mom gave birth to us, and then something happened, and we never saw her again. We were hungry and scared — alone. Then some nice people came along and gave us bottles of milk and a warm place to sleep. When we were strong and healthy, we went to a place where they had all sorts of dog treats, toys, and bags of food everywhere. We waited for people to come by and pet us or talk to us or pick us up. But after a while, we were all getting tired, and only a couple of my siblings left with people who said they would take them to their forever home. Then I saw her — my mom now — walk in the door. I turned on the charm. I sat up, looked her in the eye, and silently said, “pick me!”. And so she did! (Evidently, my mom speaks ‘dog’!). I said a hurried goodbye to my best friend and sister and left to go to my new home. There I met Sassy and Charlie, my new fur family. I settled into a routine and had lots of love, food, playtime, and cuddles. But I thought about my other brothers and sisters from time to time and wondered whatever happened to them. I hoped they found some nice family as I did. Almost a year had passed, and one day my mom came into the house, and she called me over and said, “Gabby, do you know who this is?” Heck yeah! I knew immediately that it was my sister, who was now named Phoebe! Woohoo! My sister! My sister is with me now! I’m a happy pup, so so happy! Tail wagging happy. Dog drool happy. We hang out together all the time. We are almost nine years old now, and my timid little sister is a ball of fun. She just needed the right family. And we are both so lucky to have found our forever home — together. Gabby & Phoebe's family pack includes Lyn (Mom), Charlie, Sassy and Merlot. All of the 'children' are enrolled in LGCR's Forever Home program; an endowment based pet-care service offering a parent 'peace of mind' in the event of death or incapacitation.
  • Love My Mutts: Madison, Chloe, Bart (The Gremlin) & Stanley"
    The pack leader is Madison, an eight-year-old Beagle/Jack Russell mix adopted from a local shelter by her mom, Charleen, and Nick seven years ago. She is the alpha dog, even though she is the middle-weight champion of the household. Give Madison some food, and she’s happy. Let her have her treat of sky crunches (otherwise known as June bugs), and she’s content for hours. And crafty — this little dog has the moves of a magician. Her BIG BIG sister Chloe falls for her antics every time. When Madison sees Chloe with a bone, she goes to the door, and starts barking, which causes Chloe to drop her bone so Madison can sweep in and steal it. And how does feel about that? She doesn’t care. This happy-go-lucky 130-pound Mastiff/Great Dane personality thinks that so much activity going on is rather fun. Sweet Chloe. She catches your eye as she marches in our parade because she’s BIG BIG and about as sweet as chocolate cake. At seven years old, Chloe boasts of a good life with her family. She likes everyone and everything. Chloe a Big Big happy girl. Take a look at little Bart next to his siblings. Bart is small and probably a Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix. When Bart was found, he was wandering around Texas streets. Bart was mangy, malnourished, and unfamiliar with how to be a dog. At first, he didn’t understand what being served dinner in a bowl meant, or being taken outside to do his business, or how to play with others. But with the love and care of his family, Bart is an integral part of the pack and is nicknamed “Gremlin” because of his underbite and overall facial expressions. If Bart gets tired, he goes upstairs and sleeps, comes down and stares at everyone, then goes back upstairs and sleeps. He’s a funny one and has quite a demanding personality. Then we have sweet Stanley, who was said to be a German Shepherd/Lab mix, but honestly, no one knows. He’s a healthy 85 pounds and has been with his family for six years, after being rehomed at eight weeks. He’s terrified of storms, but thankfully our Mutt Parade has bright sunny skies, and Stanley loves to strut his stuff! National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd. Our appreciation to Madison, Chloe, Bart, and Stanley for participating in our 1st Annual Love My Mutt Parade. In addition, they will receive a discount coupon code for any test offered by
  • Love My Mutt: Gracie Lee
    Our Mutt Parade may not have clowns, marching bands, floats, or classic cars, but we have dogs and more dogs and their special humans who love them so much. One of our special highlights is Gracie Lee, a terrier/yorkie mix, and her mom, Judy. Both would say they hit the jackpot finding each other and we all agree. Mid January, Gracie Lee was seen in a small neighborhood running frantically. She darted in and out, ran toward the street, cowered when someone tried to grab her and finally Gracie Lee saw an open car door and jumped in! Wow! What now? The kind man who had a frightened pup in his front seat partnered with another neighbor and finally got Gracie Lee to a safe place in a neighbors’ home. Fast forward a few days and Judy heard about poor Gracie Lee’s dilemma. Having recently suffered the loss of two of her beloved dogs, Judy said she would take the small pup until someone claimed her. Surely she was loved and missed by someone. That was January. Now it’s July. Shortly after bringing her home, Judy took Gracie Lee in to have her checked out at her vet’s office. The exam was completed, tests were run, and the news came back. Gracie Lee has heart worm disease. In itself, heart worm disease is treatable, but on top of that Gracie Lee has four tumors. Because the surgery is risky with no guarantee it will be successful, Judy had to think what would be best for Gracie Lee. So, Gracie Lee is loved, spoiled, has the run of the house, gets treats, yummy food, walks, pets, and cuddles. And best of all, Judy is confident her other beloved dogs are watching over her and Gracie Lee. Buffy, Beethoven, Flurry and Conner are waiting to help Gracie Lee traverse the Rainbow Bridge when she’s ready — hopefully not for a very very very long time! National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd. Our appreciation to Gracie Lee for participating in our 1st Annual Love My Mutt Parade. We wish you the brightest of memories and life experiences. In addition, your mom will receive a discount coupon code for any test offered by
  • Love My Mutt: Tanner
    Some dogs find themselves in situations way beyond their control. Meet Tanner. He started his life as a stray on the streets with no place of safety. Then a woman who wanted to help gave him a home. But that kind woman kept taking in dogs and more dogs, and then there were 40. With no vet care and no proper socialization, the dogs suffered from horrible conditions. Eventually, all the dogs who were well enough were taken into a shelter. And Tanner was one of them, though he was one of the last to be rescued. Six months in the shelter later, Amy and her husband laid eyes on Tanner crouched at the very back of the kennel behind all the other dogs. He wouldn’t make eye contact and tried to make himself very small. They went home without a dog, but later that night, they both said — “let’s go see Tanner again.” The next day, the shelter folks brought Tanner out to the yard to get to know these prospective parents. He was terrorized, shaking, trembling, quivering. The shelter said maybe a temporary fostering would be worthwhile, but Amy said no — he needs to come home with us. Tanner is a mixture of all sorts of terriers and has an adorable underbite. He is still a quiet, timid boy, even after being with his family for six years now. But the patient environment they have provided him has made all the difference. He is finally learning to cuddle, and he looks at his world with hopeful, grateful, soulful eyes. So with wagging tails, our Mutt Parade celebrates Tanner’s life and the family who made it possible. National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd. Our appreciation to Tanner for participating in our 1st Annual Love My Mutt Parade. We wish you the brightest of memories and life experiences. In addition, your mom will receive a discount coupon code for any test offered by
  • Love My Mutt: Dallas
    Dallas in Memphis — wait, what? Yes, Dallas was a stray dog in Memphis, Tennessee, and lived on the streets fending for herself. One day she was hit by a vehicle that crushed her leg. No, they didn’t stop to help. However, a good samaritan found her and took her to a shelter, where even with caring hands and skilled surgery, they could not save her leg. Don’t tell her that — she gets around just fine! Classified as a beagle, Dallas’ mom says, “no way!” She might have some dachshund in her, but no one knows. She’s a feisty, sweet 21-pound ball of fur with a heart that protects all her other family members. If one of the other dogs is sick, Dallas is right there with them. If they are ready to traverse the Rainbow Bridge, Dallas gives them comfort and confidence for their journey. Indeed, Dallas is a shining star for our Mutt Parade. And mom and dad get paws up for taking in dogs with special needs. Speaking of….Meet a few more members of Dallas’ family. Turbo and Belle were adopted from a Dallas shelter, and both are beagles with very different personalities. Turbo is 22 pounds, a mere whisper next to Belle. And although Belle doesn’t like to talk about her actual weight, she is a chunk! The story has it that Turbo was one of 14 dogs rescued in Louisiana. He was kept in a cage outside, which may help explain his fear of storms. When first adopted, he loved to eat paper, possibly from going without decent food for long periods. Thankfully, he now prefers the hearty dinners served up by his family. He is “king” of the yard and does “border patrol” every day. The bunnies and squirrels drive him crazy along with the next-door neighbors’ cat! Belle assists in patrol when she feels like it but often doesn’t bother with running and barking like her brother (which may explain the weight issue!). Dallas, Turbo, and Belle could likely lead the band for our Mutt Parade! National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd. Our appreciation to Dallas for participating in our 1st Love My Mutt Parade. We wish you the brightest of memories and life experiences. In addition, your mom will receive a discount coupon code for any test offered by
  • Love My Mutt: Louie
    No one would ever adopt a 17-year-old blind, sick, flea-infested, skinny eight-pound Shih Tzu mutt. Right? Not so; Lauren did and has never regretted one moment! Lauren spotted Louie a year ago at a local shelter. He needed surgery for a bad bladder. He needed medicated baths and a full body shave for fleas and matted hair. He was so skinny he could hardly walk straight. That was no hurdle for this kind, generous heart. Today Louie is loved. And he now has an entire body of beautiful hair, his bladder issues are under control, and he weighs in at a whopping 15 pounds! What a hunk of love — stubborn love. Did we mention that this particular mutt has a personality that screams stubbornness? But then he turns on his smile and is so so so sweet. He loves to cuddle, but only when he is ready. And he loves taking walks, but only when he makes up his mind to do so. Our paws are up to Lauren for opening her heart to this special mutt. We are so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the kindness and hope Louie now enjoys as his daily bread. National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd. Our appreciation to Louie for participating in our 1st Love My Mutt Parade. We wish you the brightest of memories and life experiences. In addition, your mom will receive a discount coupon code for any test offered by We know you are a mix of Shih Tzu and something else. Curious minds want to know- remember to share.
  • Stella & Gusty: Pure Joy!
    We love “pure bred” dogs. And our Mutt Parade is highlighting a couple of special pups. Meet Gusty. Gusty is a pure bred Chihighperdpooder (Chihuahua + West Highland White Terrier + Australian Shepherd + Poodle +++). Oh, and Stella — well, she’s pure too — pure happy Miniature Pinscher + some. Gusty was found at a local shelter. Since her adoption, she has been living the good life for the past 11 years. She is quite a pup. She talks all the time! She has so much to tell anyone who will listen. She’s very athletic, which makes her recent diagnosis of a herniated disc even more difficult because she’s supposed to be on bed rest. Mom, Katie, and dad, David, decided to be a little extravagant and buy a dog stroller so Gusty wouldn’t miss her walks. Stella was also found at a local shelter when her mom was looking for a hairless dog that could benefit from the quilts and clothes she makes. But instead, Katie saw Stella sitting quietly in her kennel, watching the world go by. The two made an instant connection, and here they are seven years later. And what does Stella think about the stroller? Well, look at these faces. You can guess what they are thinking. Stella likes the stroller because she’s not as athletic as Gusty and enjoys being chauffeured around. She likes showing off her red coat and pretty pink nose. Our Mutt Parade howls in appreciation for Katie and David, who opened their hearts and home to these special dogs. If not for their mom and dad, Gusty and Stella may not have had the love and generosity they now enjoy. National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd. Our appreciation to Gusty & Stella for participating in our 1st Annual Love My Mutt Parade. We wish you the brightest of memories and life experiences. In addition, your mom will receive a discount coupon code for any test offered by
  • Hazel Is All Ears
    Next up in our Mutt Parade is sweet Hazel. Though she looks like a baby deer with great big ears, she’s part cattle dog and part chihuahua. And she is one lucky pup! Initially, the family was planning to adopt a cat, but then Hazel caught their eye at a local shelter, and the whole family said a resounding “yes!” Hazel loves to cuddle. If anyone sits too long on the couch, Hazel finds a way into their lap. She takes care of everyone! When the family’s lab, Holly, was sick, Hazel was right there with her. And sticks — Hazel loves sticks, and the bigger, the better. She will find the perfect prize and carry it throughout her walk, coming home exhausted from the haul! Hazel also likes to watch squirrels and “thinks” about chasing them. But she long ago figured out she is too slow and her legs are too short for catching one, so now her exercise comes from dreaming about acquiring one. She’s pretty independent and likes her alone time, especially at night when she makes her way into her crate and curls up, waiting for a new day to enjoy her world and the love that surrounds it. National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd. Our appreciation to Hazel for participating in our 1st Annual Love My Mutt Parade. We wish you the brightest of memories and life experiences. In addition, your mom will receive a discount coupon code for any test offered by
  • Sophie, A Prom Queen, Dairy Queen, Chicken Chasing Mutt; Our Kind of Gal!"
    Have you ever seen a Blue Healer, Chow Chow, Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador, Mini Schnauzer mix? If not, look at this beauty! Wave to five-year-old Sophie. Sophie is intelligent, mellow, and not big on playtime but would rather lounge quietly. She doesn’t worry about pleasing her family and often shows her independence. She’s hard-working and performs the duties of her job with great skill. Her job? She’s in charge of keeping the chickens out of the yard. If they stray beyond the fence, Sophie goes out and gently herds them back toward their coop. Besides the 18 chickens, her other family members include three cows, two horses, two ducks, four cats, one dove, and mom and dad. likes everyone, well, except Mr. Pickles (the dove), who we think she secretly wishes would find a new home. Sophie loves some things (besides her family), including fresh hard-boiled eggs, getting DQ pup cup ice cream, and going to daycare. Sophie won the Halloween costume contest and was recently voted Prom Queen at daycare, and is one of the most popular pups in her “school.” She also goes to work with her mom from time to time and visits the memory care residents. She has a fantastic intuition with each resident, and they love to run their fingers through her long silky fur. We are happy to have this sweet, delicate pup in our Mutt Parade! National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd. Our appreciation to Sophie for participating in our 1st Annual Love My Mutt Parade. We wish you the brightest of memories and life experiences. In addition, your mom will receive a discount coupon for any test offered by
  • Dance For Life Mr. Bojangles
    Every Parade has to have music, and in this case, it’s a tiny guy with a big personality singing at the top of his lungs. He’s one happy pup! After arriving at a shelter as a microchipped stray, he waited patiently for his parents to take him home. But no one came, nor did strangers passing by seem interested in a twelve-year-old Chihuahua mix with a skin infection and suspected spinal disease. Did we mention that his shelter card read “HOSPICE?” But happy day! Mama Desiree looked at that cute little dog with grinch feet (his hair grows on his feet like weeds!) and said, “Come on home, pup!” Today Mr. Bojangles is age 14, gets along fabulously with his four siblings, and is a fluffy little ball of crazy energy. When he wants to express his joy in something, like a Lipizzaner stallion, he prances up and down with his front feet, making him all the more lovable. While most senior dogs need to lose weight, an extra couple of pounds of muscle would benefit his small seven-pound frame. Though he only has two teeth for yummy treats, Mr. Bojangles has mastered the fine art of sweet-talking his mama to toss a few extra his way. To Mr. Bojangles and all shelter strays, when all seems lost, never give up believing that someone extraordinary will love you more than you can begin to imagine. And if that love only lasts five minutes, it is all you ever need to feel whole.
  • Callie, A Human Heart Herder"
    Callie Our Rescue Parade marches on, and we are highlighting this little cutie. Some pups are born with sweet temperaments, and they land in a home with a parent with a similar vibe. Callie, an Australian toy Shepherd, is strutting her stuff down our companion rescue parade boulevard. Callie’s arrival at her forever home was met with Izzy, a mature Aussie rescue with a temperament to handle young dog energy. Without a doubt, the home environment was a perfect match. Shelter decompression was nonexistent; Callie instinctively knew she was safe and forever loved. Callie is three years old now and has a sweet, loving demeanor. She loves dogs, loves cats, but can do without people. Her favorite pastimes are going to the dog park, stores with special treats for pups like her, and the farmer’s market. She also likes to chase the squirrels, but her legs are too short of giving them a real run for their money! Oh, and of course, Callie wants to show off in the Parade with her twirls and swirls. Consider inviting a shelter dog into your family. The best home fits are those of parents recognizing the emotional and physical long-term needs of caregiving.
  • A White Krismas-Eve
    Krismas & Eve Every good parade needs a Prom King and Queen, or the Rodeo Bull Riding Champ and Barrel Racing Filly, or Mr. and Mrs. Grand Marshall. Well, don’t think our Mutt Parade doesn’t have celebrities, too. Meet Krismas and Eve. Krismas is a lab mix + terrier + a whole lotta love, and Eve is Rhodesian Ridgeback + couch potato. At four months old, Krismas and his brother were taken to a no-kill shelter in Franklin, Tennessee. His mom and dad had gone to the adoption event with the intent they would bring home a dog — but they were thinking big, fluffy, already trained. But then dad saw this little 23-pound pup across the room smiling at him, and he said to mom — why don’t you go see THAT one. She did, and after being captivated by sweet, soulful eyes and a big sloppy kiss, Krismas was on his way to his new home. Eve came a few years later when her original family decided she no longer had a place in their home, and they relegated her outside to the heat and elements of summer in Texas. The “Rhodie” Rescue Group ultimately got her, and through connections, the one-year-old hound was rehomed. Now they live with mom, dad, and brother (rescued cat) Franklin. They have a big yard and a pool, which no one uses, and lots of water and food and treats. Krismas is 12 years old now, and Eve is eight, but their folks still see them as the young, energetic, playful pups they were and still are in the spirit! Move over clowns; the celebrities are coming through. We are blessed for Krismas and Eve's parent's financial and volunteer support. Their compassionate acts have touched the lives of many, both human and canine.
  • Reflections Of Kitty
    Reflections of Kitty We were sitting at the small table outside the coffee shop. Our dogs were lying down, watching everyone walk by. We heard whispers and saw people go out of their way to bypass our spot on the patio. Our Kitty looked up at me with a look like, “Geez, Mom, how come no one is coming by to pet me?” We never get used to it. People shy away from Dobermans — as they do from many other 'guard' breeds. But if you take any dog breed, someone has a horror story to tell. Adopting a dog means you invest in proper training and nurturing. Collectively, we can change the conversation and the perception. For example, meet Kitty. She was our beautiful, sweet Doberman Pinscher. Kitty was first surrendered to an animal shelter when she was diagnosed with distemper. Over time, she was adopted and returned twice with a ‘bite history’ label. Who would ever adopt a dog with a bite history? Dangerous, scary, and probably destined for either an isolated life in a cage or a death sentence. The difference is hope, patience, and training. Parents, Somer and Greg have all three. When they saw the story of Kitty, they believed they could make a difference in this dog’s life. With their other Dobermans in tow, the family drove an hour and a half to meet her. When they got everyone together in the shelter yard, the dogs romped and played and did great. At the end of the visit, Kitty got the “thumbs up” to join the family, and she happily jumped in the car to go HOME! But wait….the ride home took a detour. Somer heard about a Doberman in an abusive situation. So without hesitation, she and Greg made a side trip, and yes, another Doberman came home that day. The difference for these dogs is the right family. Somer and Greg have always had an affinity for Dobermans. Even before they met each other, they had Dobermans in their life. There’s something in the breed that pulls their heartstrings. And knowing how to work with and train these beautiful dogs makes all the difference. On September 8th, Kitty passed away at age 12 1/2 years, surrounded by her family (including a baby brother named Dutch) and feeling loved. So what’s Dutch going to do without his sibling mentor? Well, according to Somer, he needs to have a “job!” At six months old, he needs a lot of attention and engagement! Just the challenge they are both ready to take on! Many purpose breed dogs of high intelligence, such as the noble Doberman Pinscher, require mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Purpose-bred dogs can have jobs that require decision-making, problem-solving, concentration, or other qualities. Without the brain exercise they need, they'll create their projects to keep their minds busy -- and they probably won't be the kind of projects you'd like.
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