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Re-Homing Resources

Organizations in Texas and Other States

These Groups Allow Re-Homing Posts

These Are Not Senior Rescues, They Are Bully Breed Specific Rescues

They may take in dogs, allow you to post a courtesy post on their Facebook page, or give you resources. Please use the
dog’s name in all correspondence. In addition to a Facebook Message, you may want to also send an email.
Make sure you send pics and other specifics, including age, approx. weight, if neutered or spayed,
up to date on vaccinations

Websites for Self Re-Homing and Rescues 

FYI: To ensure rescues are reputable, please make sure they show “501(c)(3)” on their Facebook or website.  Or on their Facebook page at the bottom right corner of their title/cover photo, there should be a “Donate” button.  If you click on that then at the bottom of the new window it should say “ By tapping Donate, you agree to Facebook's terms and data policies. Currently, all fees are waived.”  This means that Facebook has also verified this rescue is a valid non-profit and will not charge the donor or rescue any fees on donations.  It’s also a good sign if, under their cover photo, one of the tabs is “Review” or “Comments” or “Feedback”.  Or if their website or a link in a FB post has a PayPal account that states “100% of your donation will go to the charity” then PayPal has verified  them (  Also on the left in “Page Transparency” the date they created the page is listed.  Of course, there are many reputable rescues that have just started but the longer the page has existed the better. Plus you can scan through their posts to see if they post at least 2-3 times a week, have a lot of comments from different people, have events or donation drives, etc.

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