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Seeing is Believing

LGCR is serving incredible people who want to feel their generosity is doing the most good for the benefit of disadvantaged Texas senior dogs. Regarding philanthropic animal welfare investments, consider the quality and depth of our charitable work.

Since opening our sanctuary doors in 2020,
Living Grace Canine Ranch has earned the public trust of
Where Love Resides.


Our Mission Never Grows Old

Senior dogs are the fastest-growing canine demographic group in the nation. With a national adoption rate of only 25% (compared to 62% for younger dogs),
we are going to need more bunkhouses.  In the past year, Living Grace
Canine ranch has
welcomed home fifty residents and through our
network has provided hundreds of parents rehome
resources across Texas. 

Our volunteer paws and your donations are:

Senior Dog Lives


Senior Dawdlers & Dodgers

Given an opportunity to feel joy, health, wonderment, and unconditional love, senior dogs wholeheartedly embrace life. For those old dogs that society rejects as being of little value simply because of age, medical, physical, or emotional challenges,
today they sit tall and say,
"I am forever home."

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