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Our annual ValenTails Tea is an opportunity to serve our senior dog pet parents community in a fun, informative venue. Whether caregiving for one or a pack of one hundred, quality-of-life challenges such as ear infections, dental extractions, nerve damage, and arthritis occur throughout a dog's life journey. 


Tapping into our daily caregiving experience and incorporating a medical professional perspective, we aim to empower the pet parent with knowledge and practical ways to benefit an old friend without hurting your wallet.


This year, our topic centers around an innovative therapy that offers broad healing applications without anesthesia, drugs, pet stress, and pain: Cold Laser Therapy (CLT).  As with humans, when dogs feel alive, they feel connected to the world, rekindling life's possibilities for companionship and feeling love.


Guest Speaker:  CLT expert and certified rehabilitation specialist Dr. Matthew Lane, DVM, Liberty Hill Animal Hospital, will answer your questions about how CLT may help your furry ValenTail. 

We applaud ValenTail Tea parents.  Like us, their mission is a lifelong commitment that never grows old.

Living Grace Canine Ranch is a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization.
Donations are tax-deductible as permitted by Federal law.
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