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Gracie's   Fund

For many ranch residents including those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and congestive heart disease, a full quality life can be managed through proper diet, minimal medications and appropriate exercise.

But for some, approaching the end of his/her life demands a higher level of medical intervention particularly when diagnosed with a progressive life-limiting condition, such as cancer.

Gracie's Fund is a dedicated monetary reserve for end-of-life ranch residents requiring specialized medications and non-pharmacologic therapies to address pain-management (acupuncture, massage, nerve blocks, and chiropractic adjustments).

If at all possible, we ask that you consider a monthly donation to support our residents to never face death alone or in pain.


Meet Gracie

The most challenging part of caring for our palliative residents is knowing they are never going to get better and medically only worse. Therefore, every minute of every day must count. We must love them like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come.

Age: 14 years   Her story: Human cruelty survivor    Challenges: Blind/Deaf   Life-limiting condition: Congestive Heart Failure

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