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In Greek mythology, Apollo is associated with music, poetry, and being a god of archery. Though our six-year-old Apollo has a fancy for intellectual pursuits, he has been battling chronic lameness that has dampened his desire to showcase his athleticism.

Our rehab work, which includes physical therapy, medical care, and a specialized diet, is not just about getting Apollo, a Great Dane, back on his feet. It's about giving him the chance to explore all the beauty that Life has to offer. Your monthly gift could be the key to supporting Apollo’s new Life Chapter. He promises to write to you monthly and send pictures, a testament to the impact of your support.

Every day counts in an old dog’s life, and we are grateful for your support. For giant breeds like Apollo, time is even more precious. Please consider Apollo as your 2024 charitable investment toward providing hope, health, and happiness to adoption-disadvantaged senior dogs. Your timely support could make all the difference in Apollo's life.

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