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The Twilight Years

Seniors Layla (9 yrs) & Shadow (8 yrs)

Most dogs are considered “seniors” around the age of 7. While a dog may be considered senior, they're likely still healthy or just beginning to experience signs of aging.

Geriatric dogs are at the older end of the aging spectrum and often experience more health-related and quality life issues.

Breed Size Matters

Geriatrics in dogs is related to size. Giant breeds (Great Danes, Mastiffs) considered geriatric at 7-8 years of age, Labrador size dogs would be considered geriatric above 10 years in age, and small breed dogs when they hit 12+ years would be one of our gray muzzled residents.

The Geriatric Stage of Life (Quality vs. Quantity)

It's all about quality of life. A geriatric dog experiencing cognitive and visual impairment, or difficulty walking, doesn't mean that they are a lost cause.

Additionally, other pet care practices will enhance the quality of life of a geriatric dog. The use of:

· Harnesses, mats, booties or other friction devices to aid walking

· Baby gates to block areas of fall risks such stairs or certain rooms

· Ramps to assist with getting on a couch or bed

· Nightlights for those pets with poor eyesight

· Exercise to keep up the condition of those muscles and joints

· Enrichment games to help with cognitive functions

· Pheromone sprays to reduce anxiety and distress

· Nutritional supplements

· Medications for behavioral, as well as physiological, concerns

Geriatric dogs do not have ‘one paw in the grave’. At Living Grace Canine Ranch, our mission promise is to provide a quality of life, a dignified life, for all senior residents regardless of breed, emotional, physical and medical challenges.

Relieving some of the issues commonly associated with their ‘twilight years’ can be a huge “pick-me-up” our geriatric dogs. Your financial support is requested and much needed to supply nutritional supplements and mobility devices.

Today, please consider a one time donation or becoming a monthly Ranch Guardian donor. On behalf of our old pack, our paws are extended to you with grateful hearts.


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