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Programs Serving Animal Kindness

At Living Grace Canine Ranch, we pursue our mission of saving, serving, and valuing the lives of Texas senior dogs in two ways:

The Ranch

LGCR’s sanctuary is unique to Texas and the nation emphasizing exceptional quality of life programs for seniors with medical, physical, and emotional challenges.

Let’s Shake Paws Program

Our community outreach activities share one common denominator: Raising the perception of a senior dog’s ‘lifetime value.’

Senior to Senior Activity

Both qualitative and quantitatively, our residents have made a big difference to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients, giving them back some autonomy, allowing them to get more out of life, and taking some of the burdens from caregivers.

Ranch Buckaroo Activity

We believe it’s healthy for children to live with senior dogs because of what the dog can teach the child and what the child can learn about empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility.

The Ranch Buckaroo activity is for ages 6 – 13. Group interactions with residents promote animal kindness, pet caregiving skills, and peer-to-peer friendships.

Beyond Companion Animals

Living Grace Canine Ranch believes in and promotes a better world through kindness to all living creatures. Therefore, it is incongruent with our guiding principles to support industries that raise and slaughter animals for food, as these animals often live in inhumane and even torturous conditions.

Living Grace Canine Ranch is an organization mindful of all animals’ welfare. Hence, food served at all LGCR staff meetings, volunteer, and public events is vegetarian and, when possible, entirely plant-based.

Your financial support of Living Grace Canine Ranch directly serves and benefits our sanctuary sweethearts.

Through our values community awareness and goodwill for all living creatures is a secondary benefit.

If you agree that our nonprofit work is of value, please consider a donation to save, serve, and value the lives of adoption-disadvantaged Texas senior dogs.


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