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Our Love Lives On

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Our Love Lives On is an opportunity to celebrate the remembrance of the joy you felt because you loved a pet so profoundly.

Throughout the week of June 13, people worldwide offer tributes to the special relationship once encountered with a companion pet. It’s a time when we honor those pets we have loved and who loved us.

Nothing will change the love you shared; those cherished memories are tucked away inside your heart forever.

Your Love Lives On, and today you can change a senior dog’s life journey by gifting health, companionship, and joy.

Consider showcasing your beloved companion as a loving tribute with a donation of $30 or ordering a Remembrance Ranch Paver ($150).

Your remembrance gift is more than a donation; it symbolizes that Your Love Lives On and will forever at Living Grace Canine Ranch.

Join us by contributing to 'Our Love Lives On' Remembrance Wall. Submit your beloved pet's picture and message by completing this form.

View Our Wall of Remembrances


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