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Old Paws Of Gratitude

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — William Shakespeare

Caring Hands— there is so much meaning behind those words. It brings to mind kindness, gentleness, and generosity.

It speaks of an open heart and a life filled with rewards from doing good and giving back.

Meet two people who exemplify Caring Hands: Sandra and Jack.

They first got a taste of volunteering years ago when they volunteered to load aircraft at Georgetown Airport to get supplies to people in need following a devastating hurricane impacting Houston and South Texas.

But the authentic heart tug for volunteering came when Sandra heard of the vision for Living Grace Canine Ranch and knew there was something special about to happen. She and Jack wanted to be part of it. At the very beginning, Rhonda Minardi, LGCR’s visionary and founder, painted a picture for Jack and Sandra of the Ranch, its 501 (c) (3) mission, and the environment that one day welcomes unadopted senior dogs forever home.

Their enthusiasm was immediate, and the desire to help was intense. “As small business owners of a Georgetown shuttle service, it seemed a natural fit to become a sponsor,” said Sandra. “In addition, we have been pet parents to several senior dogs over the years, and we know the joy of having an old four-legged friend.”

Jack and Sandra are more than business sponsors; we consider them to be members of our Bunkhouse family. They are never far from reach and constantly listening for our howls of need.

For example, Caring Hands2 Shuttle was on a Georgetown to Austin airport run when we urgently needed to pick up Tyson outside Houston. Many hours later, Jack and Tyson arrived at the Ranch as BFFs. The same holds for Ashanti, our orphan from Dallas.

When not on the road with the shuttle, Jack heads up the maintenance needs around the Ranch, and Sandra oversees procurement and the Tribute Pavers. They have also made unique apartment name plaques for every resident. “We want the seniors to know they have their special place to call home,” says Sandra.

So, the next time you are in the Caring Hands2 Shuttle heading to the Austin Airport or a special event, know that Where Love Resides is not only found at the Ranch but in Jack and Sandra’s van too!

For more information:

Volunteers are the heart of Living Grace Canine Ranch. Similar to our residents, they are of all sizes, shapes, ages, and personalities. At the ranch, on the roads, or the convenience of their homes, they are a special breed unlike no other.


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