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No Need To Rush, I'm Not Ready

Gracie is a 14-year old palliative resident diagnosed with life-limiting congestive

heart disease, Stage IV Heartworm, and two areas of trachea collapse; did we mention she is blind, deaf, and an animal abuse survivor?

Not that you would hear that from her, she never complains. Yet, with over 100 facial bite marks, bullet fragments in her hind crippled leg, and a tethered scar the width of the Rio Grande River around her neck; it is obvious Gracie has not experienced a joyful life.

At first, we struggled with wanting her to ‘get better.’ Now, we embrace Gracie’s joy of living a deeply loved ranch life.

Gracie takes seven medications daily plus a ($430/month) human-grade inhaler that expands her lung capacity to sustain life quality. If you can imagine your grandma with severe COPD struggling to breathe with every waking moment, this is Gracie.

Life is a struggle. Yet, Gracie still shows that little ‘giddy-up’ in her imperfect gait, enjoys napping in the warm Texas sun, and always seeks to have her belly rubbed.

She’s not ready to call it quits, and until then, neither are we.

At Living Grace Canine Ranch our treatment for canines with life-limiting conditions is based on a simple philosophy:

Yesterday is no more; tomorrow is unknown,

but we have today, and this is all that matters.

Will you consider sponsoring life quality medications for Gracie and others like her? Your donation to the Gracie Fund is a gift of life for those seniors that only desire to experience human kindness and love each remaining day of their lives.

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