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If Only You Could See What I Feel

Life is Precious, Watch My Video

We celebrate Rosie’s eighteenth month anniversary as a Forever Foster Ranch Resident and member of our Golden Years Club for canines 13 and older.

As is fifty percent of our residents, Rosie became an unwanted orphan after her family’s death. The adult children didn’t want an old dog, and a regional Blue Heeler rescue refused her due to ‘blindness.’

For those that have genuinely parented and loved an aging dog, lack of vision is not a quality-of-life limiting condition.

Instead, it’s an opportunity for humans to learn and be in awe of a canine’s will to live and genetically compensate for sensory deficits.

The beauty of LGCR’s sanctuary and Forever Foster program is the protection and comprehensive care provided to every animal. This holistic perspective distinguishes Living Grace Canine Ranch from shelters and pseudo-sanctuary/rescues.

Our resident population at Living Grace Canine Ranch is senior dogs, including all breeds. The ranch’s environment and amenities are engineered to welcome and serve an aging population’s physical, medical, and emotional needs, encompassing nearly four football fields.

LGCR is ‘Where Love Resides.’

Please consider gifting life and wellness to displaced Texas seniors. Your donation is received with our gratitude. Thank you!


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