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Faces of Your Love & Compassionate Giving

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Where Love Resides is a twenty-eight day series showcasing the direct impact of Ranch Guardian Monthly Support.

Howls Heard & Answered

Layla, 11 yrs. Purebred American Bulldog and her stepsister Shadow rehomed due to family financial constraints. Emotionally, a sweet, timid, and underconfident big girl weighing 105 lbs. Physically, Stage 3 dental disease has claimed most of her teeth. The LGCR wellness plan prevents irreversible Stage 4 progression, leading to blood toxicity and critical organ damage.

Hemi, 8 yrs. Altonian Shepherd Mix was found in the Kileen, TX area by a Good Samaritan trying to find his way home after being 'given away' to a stranger. Orphaned by his parent and surrounded by high risk shelters, Living Grace Canine Ranch brought Hemi home. Our work includes supporting Hemi with good canine citizenship education and fostering separation anxiety coping skills

Bright, energetic, and amazingly healthy, this big boy of 110 lbs desires a family to call his own that is sensitive to his emotional needs.

Cora Claus, 14 yrs. Border Collie discovered Christmas Eve lying near a DFW road, struggling to walk and in severe pain. Shelter labeled as a 'stray' (but most likely abandoned due to owner caregiving neglect) and in desperate need for rescue medical attention. A comprehensive physical examination concluded: Heartworm+, severe spine disorder limiting mobility, both ears impacted with debris and infection, and a soft mass tissue in her right lung, suggesting a cancerous tumor.

The good news! Cora lives in the sanctuary at Living Grace Canine Ranch. Our quality of life care plan involves pain management medicine, joint supplements, CBD oil, weekly therapeutic massage, and Love lots of Love!

On behalf of Layla, Hemi and Cora Claus, they extend paws of gratitude to our monthly Ranch Guardians for supporting their quality of life journey. Where Love Resides is not only our motto but our daily mantra. To read more about our mission and senior programs, visit: Where Love Resides.


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