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Blessings Of The Animals, Without Bias

Message From Rhonda, Founder/Executive Director

The Feast of St. Francis, “Blessing of the Animals,” is a time-honored tradition devoted to reminding ourselves that we serve as God’s fosters for all creatures living an earthly existence.

We invite you to take time and absorb the poem “St. Francis and The Sow,” by Gahway Kinnell. Seeing beyond prejudicial or biased perceptions, we find beauty and purpose both within humanity and all creatures. As with the Kinnell’s sow, offering a blessing either ‘in words or in touch’ to your pet or any sheltered animal of abuse and abandonment is a reminder of its ‘loveliness.’

Blessings Without Bias

Living Grace Canine Ranch is a senior dog sanctuary home to all breeds, regardless of medical, physical, and emotional challenges. The truth is that we would not be a public charity if prejudice or adoption bias did not exist. But it does.

Our work shines front and center through the sixty-five residents who experience blessings without bias from strangers across the country—donors that residents’ paws will never shake or demonstrate wagging tails of appreciation.

Beyond our residents are the hundreds of pet parents, shelters, and rescues in rural Texas townships that seek an alternative to euthanizing healthy and treatable old dogs. We are constrained only by structural space. However, LGCR’s supporters’ blessings radiate throughout Texas as we shine light and hope for senior home seekers with an extensive list of sanctuaries and haven respites in and beyond our state borders.

Today, we offer our blessings to all animals that they feel their loveliness, and we thank you for blessing Living Grace Canine Ranch with your trust to serve senior canines of great need.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Matthew 11:28


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