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Are You A Ranch Buckaroo?

We are howling with happiness when parents show an interest in animal compassion and children desire to share their unconditional love.  Before we jump into the Ranch Buckaroo Program, below is an overview of Living Grace Canine Ranch (LGCR).

LGCR is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization founded in 2020 by Rhonda Minardi.  Our mission is to save, serve, and value the lives of Texas senior canines, most often overlooked for adoption due to age, medical, physical, and emotional challenges.

The discernable difference between a shelter and LGCR’s sanctuary is intent, purpose, and objectives.  Whereas shelters are focused on the immediate need for housing, feeding, and minimal medical care, their ultimate goal is ‘adoption.’ For those dogs that are adoption-disadvantaged due to medical, physical, and emotional challenges, LGCR and our Shelter friends work together to help dogs over the age of seven.

LGCR serves the State of Texas as a permanent home without the threat of early life termination. In other words, a sanctuary, such as LGCR, by definition is the purest form of "No Kill" policies. Encompassing nearly three and one-half football fields, the ranch offers senior dogs a residential lifestyle with exceptional healthcare, nutrition, and social companionship programs.

LGCR is unlike any other domestic canine campus in Texas. Though the ranch is not open to the public, we believe that once experienced, you and your Buckaroo will agree "This Is Where Love Resides.'

Let’s Shake Paws Program

LGCR developed two community initiatives under our Let’s Shake Paws Program to inspire a senior dog's value in our society.  The first is our Senior-to-Senior program which focuses on memory care and hospice individuals providing canine companionship and encouragement to live life as fully as possible.

The Ranch Buckaroo Club program reflects LGCR values and is close to Rhonda’s heart; after raising two children and now a grandmother of three.  Rhonda imparts

"A compassionate world begins with kindness and respect for all living creatures, regardless of difference."

Ranch Buckaroo Club


  • Provide fun educational opportunities to learn and experience animal compassion and caregiving principles. 

  • Facilitate and encourage ‘building respectful relationships’ with pets, which mirrors their healthy regard for peers. 

  • Age Range: 6 – 13 years

Ranch Pal Jrs.

At the other end of the spectrum are minors between the ages of 14 to 16, for which we have a volunteer program [Ranch Pals] that includes parental/guardian supervision. Ranch Pal Jrs. participate in outdoor activities such as walking and playing in our agility parks. For students in need of community service hours and who have a love of canines, this is a perfect relationship. For more volunteer information.

Club Participant Guidelines        

  1. Always be kind and respectful of residents, staff, and peers.

  2. A parent or Guardian (Age 16+) must be present to supervise activities with canine residents.        

  3. All Ranch Buckaroo Club members must electronically register with LGCR before participating in any Club activity.

Signing Up for Ranch Buckaroo Club Activities

Upcoming activities are posted on a virtual calendar. 

A link to the virtual calendar is emailed after registration.

As a courtesy, we request your Buckaroo be signed up within two days of the activity. This helps us to organize needed refreshments and activity materials.        

Club Fees

LGCR serves the animal welfare community through our mission of saving, helping, and valuing the lives of Texas senior canines; our program's goal is to make activities available to all families, regardless of socioeconomic status.


Unless otherwise noted on the virtual activity calendar, there is no fee to participate or be a member of the Ranch Buckaroo Club.

Ranch Buckaroo Club Merchandise (Available by Donation)

  • Club merchandise (children sized), T-shirts ($15), and ball caps ($15) are available during activities. 

  • All forms of payment are accepted, including Apple and GooglePay.

Summer Saturdays Camp

Nine weeks of opportunities for new friendships, both human and old furry friends, await Ranch Buckaroos.

Dates: June 4 – July 30

Time:  9– 11 a.m.

Place:  LivingGrace Canine Ranch, Bertram (Driving Directions Emailed Post Registration)

Dress: Come casual and summer comfy [** Remember to wear sunscreen]

Refreshments Provided

Please, do Not Bring: Candy, soft drinks, gum, or dog treats [All are potentially harmful to residents]       

Summer Saturday Camp Calendar

June 4th

Key Concept: What is an animal sanctuary?

  • Discussion: Living Grace Canine Ranch is a sanctuary for Texas senior dogs that live at the Ranch or with a permanent loving foster family.  The Ranch is a forever home that provides care, love, and safety to dogs with medical, emotional, and physical challenges.

  • "Where Love Resides."  LGCR is a special place of kindness, respect, and compassion for all creatures (people, too!).  In essence, the staff, volunteers, and Ranch Buckaroos bring and share their love and friendship.

  • We’ll tour The Ranch and shake paws with residents of all breeds and sizes.

  • Fun Craft Activity

June 11th

Key Caregiving Concept: Nutrition

  • Discussion: Not all foods are suitable for cats and dogs; let's talk about it.       

  • Fun Activity: Let’s Make Healthy Treats Demonstration       

  • Resident/Buckaroo Activities

June 18th

Key Caregiving Concept: Exercise

  • Discussion: Like people, dogs need to exercise both physically and

  • mentally.

  • What can we do at home to help them that is fun?

  • Resident/Buckaroo Activity

  • Fun Craft Activity

June 25th

Key Caregiving Concept: Trust

  • Discussion: What is trust, and why is it important that our dogs trust us?

  • What can we do at home to help build pet trust?

  • Resident/Buckaroo Activity

  • Fun Craft Activity

July 2nd

Key Caregiving Concept: Healthcare & Grooming

  • Discussion: What is ‘quality of life?

  • Small things can make a big difference in our dog’s quality of life. (Daily grooming, dental chews or teeth brushing, annual medical exams, vaccinations, and heartworm prevention.

  • Resident/Buckaroo Activity

  • Fun Craft Activity

July 9th

Key Caregiving Concept: Daily Routine

  • Discussion: What is a ‘daily routine’? Why do dogs depend on us to provide daily routines?

  • Resident/Buckaroo Activity

  • Fun Craft Activity

July 16th

Key Caregiving Concept: Relationships

  • Discussion: Did you know that dogs want a happy relationship with you?Resident/Buckaroo

  • Activity: Bring a book from home for resident reading time.

  • Fun Craft Activity

July 23rd

Key Caregiving Concept: Handling

Gentle is better and always with respect.

  • Discussion: Let’s talk about canine body language, how to greet a new dog, sometimes, why your dog may nip (sore spot), not all dogs like their head touched, and other important reminders.

  • Resident/Buckaroo Activity

  • Fun Craft Activity

July 30th

Last day of Summer Saturday Camp

  • Discussion: Review of all Key Caregiving Concepts.

  • Resident/Buckaroo Activities

  • Caregiving Merit Awards to All Ranch Buckaroos

Please feel welcome to ask questions by contacting us:


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