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For victims of animal cruelty, life is bitter. Consider the facts (PetPedia/2021):

- Every 60 seconds, an animal suffers abuse at human hands
- 10 million animals die from abuse every year
- 71% of domestic violence offenders abuse pets
- 65% of abused animals are dogs

Living a quality life is at the heart of Job’s story and Living Grace Canine Ranch. Often motivated by pity, saving a life is easily accomplished by rescuing or adopting a sheltered senior dog. On the other hand, ‘serving’ through compassion is distinctly apparent when an individual’s great desire is to alleviate a senior dog’s suffering or misfortune.

Enucleating a detached eye and surgically unlocking Job’s jaw opened a new world, only to taste the sweetness of human love and compassion. Job’s road to recovery from abuse is a lifetime commitment to medical, physical, and emotional caregiving. Is his life experience worth it? We believe so and encourage supporters to feel the same.

As Job’s Sanctuary Sweetheart Angel, your monthly support provides for daily caregiving, including physical therapy. Please consider sponsoring Job’s caregiving each month. Your compassion allows us to serve other abuse victims to live a quality life, knowing wellness and love.

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