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It's not unusual for vets to call LGCR when a dog owner requests euthanasia without medical cause. Equally, it's not uncommon that dog owners desiring to rid themselves of a ‘problem’ are disingenuous. So was the case with Gidget. The owner's request was for three reasons: age, she hadn't eaten in ten days, and during the same period, she seldom left her crate in the garage.

It's customary for LGCR to request an immediate and comprehensive examination of a new resident. In doing so and upon owner confrontation, the truth revealed that ten days ago, multiple family dogs had attacked Gidget. Though severely wounded, the owner declined to seek vet care due to her age and previous decision to euthanize her “anyway.”

Trauma recovery residents require two types of healing: physical and emotional. Visible wounds will fade quickly, but the emotional scarring after human betrayal can run deep and take months to fade away.

Our caregiving promise to Gidget is not a day will go by that she feels anything less than cherished. We invite you to participate in Gidget's remaining life journey by sponsoring her recovery with an affordable monthly donation. Each month, you will receive an update from Gidget sharing plenty of reasons to smile that Life is Good.

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