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Though bladder stones are common in dogs, those that develop bladder stones once are at risk of getting them again. The thought of spending a thousand dollars for surgery (Cystotomy) on a young senior dog with a good chance of reoccurrence was Delilah's parents reasoning behind requesting euthanasia. Amidst rising veterinarian costs and limited financial resources, the parents' reasoning is understandable, but it wasn't the only option.

To a large extent, bladder stone formation is influenced by diet. Delilah was eight years old and otherwise healthy at the time of surgery. LGCR was willing to manage her alkaline urine ph if it meant providing Delilah to experience the remainder of her Life's journey feeling loved and healthy.

It's been a year since surgery, and Delilah is stone formation-free thanks to a prescribed medical diet that costs $30/month. We welcome you to join Delilah's Life Journey team by contributing monthly to her dietary needs.

As Delilah's sponsor, you will receive monthly pictures and updates as she prances through Life, loving every moment.

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