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At age seven, Brandi’s medical history is anything but joy-filled. In the past four years:

Two hind leg fractures
Severe muscle atrophy
Elevated Liver Panels
Unaddressed periodontal disease
Severe matting
Panic Attack Seizures

To top it off, her parents requested that their vet euthanize Brandi so they could travel without their lifelong burden. Therefore, the vet refused to kill a healthy pet and contacted Living Grace Canine Ranch for assistance.

We embrace the medical, physical, and emotional needs of senior dogs. Given her breed size, Brandi is an adult with many promising years ahead to enjoy Life. However, due to years of psychological neglect/abuse, Brandi's ability to live in a traditional home environment is doubtful.

Brandi is home, and our promise to this little girl is Life will only get better at all levels. Please consider supporting Brandi’s wellness with physical, nutritional, and emotional therapies. As her sponsor, you will receive monthly updates and are always welcome to meet Brandi in person.

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