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Two days before the February ice storm, Bailey laid on the porch of an empty house. Good Samaritan neighbors reported the family moved only two blocks away, abandoning Bailey and another younger pet companion. Bailey was not about to leave her home, and her growls let it be known one best not try. Eventually, a compassionate rescuer came to her aid and coaxed her into safety from the storm, and she was homeward bound for LGCR.

It’s not unusual for senior dogs, particularly those that have lived outside, to require extra time to ‘decompress’ and feel safe. But ‘as usual,’ Rhonda has a gentleness about her that fears transform into trust. Life before the ranch has not been kind to this old gal. Some time ago, perhaps being tethered, she broke her ankle, forcing her to heal with her pad facing upwards.

Today, you would not recognize her as being the same dog. Twelve-year-old Bailey has transformed into a resident of perpetual happiness and vitality for life. She loves Pup Cups, bubble baths with a loofah sponge, pedicures and all things pampering. For whatever time Bailey has left in her life journey, she will know only human kindness, love, and belonging.

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