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Our Purpose & Programs

Living Grace Canine Ranch is a Senior Dog Life Care Sanctuary. A 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to saving, serving, and valuing the lives of displaced, unadoptable and unwanted Texas senior canines. Our mission of mercy celebrates all breeds, regardless of physical, emotional,
and medical challenges.  
From our bunkhouse doors, we shout 'Come!'

Here, you will find rest, safety, and nourishment for your weary body & spirit.

This is Where Love Resides!


Our Programs

Living Well

Our signature program emphasizes prevention and early detection of life-limiting diseases through comprehensive diagnostics supplemented by a holistic approach to living well.


Let's Shake Paws

Provide comfort and canine companionship to elderly, hospice, palliative, and hospital/residential facilities. Provide 'compassion' educational experiences for K – 9th graders.


Cognitive Care

By age 15, sixty-eight percent of canines will experience some form of cognitive dementia.  

Canine Dementia Disorder is no stranger to the Ranch, and a leading reason old dogs are shelter surrendered, euthanized, and most likely overlooked for adoption.


Forever Home

Every year, millions of devoted pet companions are surrendered after the parent's death and over half will be euthanized.  Forever Home is an endowment-based 'pet' planning option offering loving pet parents 'peace of mind' in the event of death or incapacitation.


Forever Foster

An innovative program designed to increase senior dog pet parenting by eliminating the financial commitment of traditional adoption.


Talking Hands

Due to nerve degeneration, many senior dogs experience hearing impairment or deafness, often leading to parenting disengagement and isolation. This program aims at helping both dogs and caregivers learn to adapt and revitalize a companion relationship.


Bertram, Tx

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