Our Purpose

Living Grace Canine Ranch is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to saving, serving, and valuing the lives of Texas senior canines. We accomplish our mission by offering canines of all breeds, physical, emotional, and medical challenges the opportunity to live in-sanctuary or
be united with a forever family.

Provide comfort and canine companionship to elderly, hospice, palliative and hospital/residential facilities.

Serve as a permanent home to adult puppy mill survivors
within Texas and neighboring states.

Be advocates for senior canine usefulness in society and promote
senior canine well-care.

In the event of natural disasters leading to overcrowding in local municipal shelters and nonprofit animal rescues, LGCR will serve as a 'temporary' residence for displaced senior canines.

Enrich the lives of senior canines by providing a permanent home where their natural and instinctual needs (i.e. senses, safety, security, foraging, and breed-typical behaviors) are fostered.


Bertram, Tx

contact us at info@livinggracecanineranch.org

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