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Let’s talk about a ‘super senior’ with a tailwind speed that lifts even the heaviest human hearts.

Standing tall at 8” and weighs less than 10 pounds, you will undoubtedly find sixteen-year-old Rosie Chi sensing a new fan member for her Sanctuary Sweetheart Club.

Small dogs in general and the Chihuahua breed, in particular, are known for dental disease. So was the case when Rosie Chi arrived. Other than a few pounds overweight, a mouthful of decaying teeth, and both low in vision and auditory, this little super senior had been well cared for and deeply loved.

Rosie Chi’s preferred mode of transportation is human arms, a preferred chair is a human lap, and chose sleeping position is at the top of an exhausted Ranch Boss’s head in bed. Alert, curious, kind, and joyful best describe Rosie Chi’s personality combined with a flair for fashion.

As mentioned, unlike many of our residents, Rosie Chi’s life journey has only known human kindness. When mama was no longer able to care for her little girl, LGCR extended more than a place to live; we extended a promise to soothe a mother’s anxious concerns. That promise is Rosie Chi will always be cared for, loved, and valued. Still to this day, Rosie Chi and Mama enjoy hours of exchanging love, kisses, and licks.

Your Angel support of Rosie Chi’s heartworm medication is much appreciated.

Pssst: Rosie Chi’s 17th birthday is August 28th, and just in case you are shopping for dresses, she typically wears the 12 lb size.

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