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Living a homeless life begins and ends with one objective: survival. The pursuit of survival is a hard-wired function of all creatures, including ‘Man.’ Though street dogs often create packs for safety, often country road warriors find themselves alone to forage for food and shelter. A domesticated animal’s chance for long-term survival is at best slim.

Only through the Grace of God was emaciated Quill Chi discovered by a good Samaritan alongside a Lago Vista country road with porcupine quills embedded in her face and nail growth so long that they curled underneath her pads.

Diagnostics reveal she is a Chihuahua, approximately age 12, and has early-stage heart disease. Prognosis is excellent for living a quality life with her newly founded ranch pack.

Based on Quill Chi’s meek personality, we are amazed she has survived a nomadic lifestyle. If there was ever a little dog more grateful to be home, look no further than Quill Chi. Your sponsorship not only provides for her medical care but an opportunity to journey through her life together.

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