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Meet Precious (and that she is!), a life on the streets survivor from the small Texas town of Seagoville. The life span for a Chow Chow is between 9 – 15 years, and our vet's best guess is Precious hovers around twelve.

Regardless of age, Precious's radiographic images indicate osteoarthritis destroying her joint cartilage, creating painful bone-on-bone grinding, chronic inflammation, and loss of mobility.

Osteoarthritis in dogs is a long-term condition and does not directly shorten the dog's lifespan, but unmanageable pain may.

Arthritis slowly worsens over time; if not medically managed, osteoarthritic dogs' quality of life declines. Correctly handled, most dogs like Precious can live a happy life even after diagnosis.

Though Precious will never fully regain a 'catch me if you can' attitude, she most certainly will maneuver through life a happier, healthier, pain tolerable Chow Chow. How?

Since 1977, Adequan Canine® has shown clinical results that it helps slow the progression of osteoarthritis and is FDA-approved. It provides fast relief (within 2 hours) and is reliable protection to help renew joint mobility.

Precious's Treatment & Costs:

Initial treatment begins with two injections twice a week for a month (8 doses), followed by 1 – 2 injections each month, or as prescribed by our on-site veterinarian. The cost of 1 dosage vial is $70.

Sponsoring Angels
Life on the streets is hard and particularly unkind to old dogs like Precious that can barely forage food scraps and shelter. Since arriving at the ranch, she no longer needs to search for safety, food, and love. Because of donors and sponsoring angels, she is discovering wellness and enjoyment of her final life journey.

Thank you for considering Precious as your charitable act of compassion.