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Mama is a Treeing Walker Coonhound with long, muscular legs, powerful and propulsive hindquarters, and a streamlined frame, all working to cover maximum ground with minimum effort. To experience her running carefree is a care giving pleasure.

In 2020, Mama check-in as a Hill Country abandoned, malnourished, highly neurotic, over-the-top anxious self-mutilating dog. After numerous veterinarian consultations, behavioral treatment options ranged from doping and electric shock collars to euthanizing. None are acceptable to LGCR’s #LiveLongLiveWell philosophy.

Instead, we focused on her environment and journaled when Mama appeared ‘at ease’ in her skin. It took about four months to figure out what Mama was telling us, and everything changed when it did.

From the beginning, we suspected Mama (who arrived with that name) had been used for backyard breeding and lived most of her life confined to a crate. Therefore, living in a spacious open-air apartment was anything but feeling safe.

One day, within her flat, we outfitted an extra-large kennel and draped blankets over it to create a ‘den.’ Mama immediately responded with calmness and never had another episode of hurting herself.

The purpose of this story is to suggest:

Senior dogs may take extra time to transition into a new home environment. Still, patience, an open heart, and some intuitive reasoning will expedite the journey, making it all worthwhile.

In January, a year beyond the average life span of Tree Walker Coonhounds, Mama celebrates her 14th birthday. To Mama, we shout, "Run today, as if there’s no tomorrow."

Your monthly support of Mama provides life wellness essentials. Thank you for considering Mama as your Sanctuary Sweetheart.

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