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Known around the ranch as Joey Bear, he’s ninety pounds of pure mama’s boy, a gentle lap loving, face-licking, ‘appreciate you forever kind of guy.’

The challenges Joey faces are his extraordinary high need for human connection, perhaps significant to his nine-year environment as the only child living with a senior-aged mama. Joey has a keen intuitive sense, allowing him to take behavioral cues from ‘his person.’ In essence, he is the perfect ‘emotional human caregiver.’

A sad but tragic fact is that 90% of sheltered pit bulls will not survive the experience. Once considered the ‘nanny dog’ for its gentleness and loyalty, the breed’s image is tainted.
There is no sign of breed extinction given the popularity of backyard breeders, most often looking to make a few dollars at the expense of many lives.

Joey was a product of a backyard breeder, which resulted in the mutilation of his ears. Thankfully, a kind, compassionate woman is known to Joey as a ‘mama’ who saved his life. She has passed the caregiving baton to Living Grace Canine Ranch, and we are dedicated to providing Joey Bear the best life ever.

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