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Keenly known to senior citizens, heartache is a part of the human life journey. In 2009, mom gave a goodbye kiss to her ‘ Honey of a husband’ after sixty years. In the same year of seeking companionship, she adopted a two-month-old Shih Tzu, ironically born on the day of dad's passing.

“Honey-Marie and I grew old together, but at age ninety-two and growing physically weak, it's time to say goodbye."

Recognizing that her children are now seniors with health challenges, Delta sought peace of mind knowing that her Honey would live out life at the sanctuary, knowing only love and human kindness.

Most likely for the last time, kissing Honey goodbye is a universally bittersweet experience shared by loving aging parents no longer able to provide companion caregiving.

While serving and valuing a resident's life, we are mindful of separation's emotional toll on a parent. Fostering a co-caregiving relationship with a parent through videos, images, home visits, or conversations suggests a change rather than an ending.

Before residency, Honey underwent enucleation due to glaucoma after years of non-treatment. Glaucoma is a painful condition that daily eye drops can often manage. Sweet Lil' Honey requires extra medical encouragement to promote a positive quality of life experience.

Please consider Honey Marie as your Sanctuary Sweetheart by gifting monthly.

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