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At Living Grace Canine Ranch, we make sense of our animal welfare work, believing that coincidences and luck do not exist. We firmly believe that every moment is a blessing to be embraced, regardless of the situation. Living, loving, and healing senior dogs traumatized by Man is our unique calling.

With compassionate caregiving to the medically frail and fragile spirits, society’s outcasts discover Where Love Resides until their last breath. It’s no coincidence that on a highly traveled Texas highway in the middle of a Friday, our founder came across Eva, needing emergency lifesaving care.

Eva’s life journey could easily have ended that day, given the severity of her injuries and massive blood loss. But it didn’t, and there’s a divine reason. As with every LGCR resident, we document their remaining life journey, filling pages with applause and sometimes tears.

We invite you to participate in Eva’s journey by donating monthly as her Sanctuary Sweetheart Angel. Your support provides for Eva’s medical, physical, and emotional therapies. Though life is short for senior dogs, Eva’s feeling of being valued transcends time.

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