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Well beyond the average lifespan of a Great Pyrenees, we believe Big Hank's longevity is one part genetics, three parts pet parent caregiving, and a heaping measure of tenacity.

Yet, the biological clock waits for no one. Similar to senior humans, joints become less forgiving, brain processes slow down, vision and hearing wane, and easily disrupted tummy flora balance.

Big Hank is a natural, easy-going, charming West Texas boy with a penchant for comfort, and we high-five when seeing his soulful eyes smile with pleasure as he fulfills his life cycle journey.

Hank has two primary caregiving challenges:

Hip Joint/Lower Spine Rigidity
To aid him with hip and joint discomfort, Hank receives professional weekly massages and aromatherapy rubdowns. So relaxing is his therapy, he often falls asleep, and his baritone snores fill the air.

Intestinal Malabsorption
Common in advanced senior (geriatric) dogs, critical nutrients are not absorbed through the intestinal tract and left untreated, a dog's quality of life is poor. With Hank, a sluggish pancreas is a culprit. Hank takes multivitamins and B12 and drinks raw goat's milk to feel his best.

Loving Big Hank is easy; he's a gentle giant that moves with the deliberation of taking in all the sweet pleasures of life.

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