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There are no grey shades when it comes to abandonment. There are no excuses or ‘free passes’ when morality takes center stage. Yet it occurs every day to domesticated animals.

As ‘dad’s dog,’ neighbors report Beaux lived outside unrestrained beneath the porch.

Tethering was never needed because Beaux stuck close to his home. Though his family earned income from breeding pugs, Beaux is a classic Heinz 57, all personality without pedigree. When dad died- the family moved, leaving Beaux nothing but his porch.

Like most abandoned dogs, they wait and hope for their family to return. Beaux only agreed to get in a rescuer’s car due to hunger.

Beaux is diagnosed with Stage Four Heartworm Disease. The worms have infiltrated both sides of his heart and felt as Beaux struggles to breathe.

A flea infestation has eaten most of his lower backside.

Enamel erosion of front teeth shows exposure to nerves and a severe case of intestinal hookworms

Ingratiating, bright, and alert. Arriving home from the hospital, Beaux nestled into a cozy cuddler bed and smiled.

We invite you to journey with Beaux on his road to wellness. Beaux will only know the power of human kindness and love from the moment he stepped into the rescue car and for the remainder of his precious little life.