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Forever Fostering Love & Life

Just like you and me, dogs come in different sizes and a myriad of personalities. Tall, small, thin, stocky, talkative, silent, friendly, solitary. At Living Grace Canine Ranch, the quest to figure out what’s best for each senior dog begins when we know they’re coming.

Meet Bull. A 110-pound lab mastiff mix. Stately, strong, quiet, polite. When Bull first came to Living Grace, he stood apart. Not only because of his size but his demeanor. When we looked carefully at his actions and “listened,” he was telling us that our Ranch full of loved pets was wonderful, but he was overwhelmed here. There’s always activity; washing machines running; baths and blow-drying; people coming and going; dogs barking; happy, slobbering tongues after a walk. It’s a lot!

Bull Loving Life

Sensing that someone like Bull needs less activity, fewer words, more quiet time. The answer was clear, Bull would thrive with a Forever Foster

Meet Julie Davis, one of our dedicated Board members and dog advocates. She knows how to “listen” to the dogs and learn what they need. When Julie met Bull, she fell in love and knew she wanted him to come home with her. Having lost her beloved giant yellow lab, Moose, some months back, there was a missing vibrancy in their home, and she knew Bull was the answer. When her husband met Bull, he was just as convinced.

Fostering is an incredible opportunity for both parent and dog. If there’s room in a heart and home that once was filled by a beloved pet or maybe more than one, and an older dog is used to being with just one family, fostering can be rewarding and fulfilling all at once. It can also be challenging when the older dog needs more attention, medication, or other health care needs. But as our Forever Fosters can tell you, making room for an older dog can be the best treasure you’ve ever discovered.

Bull is thriving in his new family home. If there’s too much noise, he “excuses” himself and goes to his crate and lies down. When it’s time for bed, he’s happy to lay quietly and listen to the sounds of a home with people who love him. Being fostered is what Bull needed, and his face says it all! “I’m glad to be home!”

Foster Forever is an innovative LGCR program designed to increase senior dog pet parenting by eliminating the financial commitment of traditional adoption. If interested in sharing your home and heart with an oldie but goodie, register today.


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